Watch: CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Shows Admirable Kindness Towards Fan At Signing Event

2016-05-04 11:04:55 2016-05-04 11:04:55

A video of CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong Hwa at a fan signing event has recently gone viral as viewers express their admiration for his kindness towards a fan.

In the video, which was uploaded to Weibo recently, Jung Yong Hwa is captured listening intently to a fan who’s talking to him as he sits at a table at a fan signing event.

When a staff member comes by to hurry the fan along by attempting to move her autographed album, Jung Yong Hwa gestures to the staff member that he’s fine, and turns back to the fan, waving his hand to encourage her to keep talking.

Watch the video below!

CNBLUE recently made a comeback with the track “You’re So Fine” off their new mini album “Blueming,” for which they received six first place trophies on music shows.

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