TWICE and I.O.I Share A Cute Backstage Photo From M!Countdown

2016-05-05 15:21:27 2016-05-05 15:26:07

Rookie girl groups TWICE and I.O.I shared a cute photo from yesterday’s recording of M!Countdown

It was a big night for both groups as I.O.I had their first music show debut stage and TWICE took home their first music show win.

The two groups share the unique distinction of being created through a girl group survival program on Mnet. As JYP’s Jeon Somi had appeared on both shows, she is close to members of both groups, and was even seen hugging Twice members on stage following the winner announcement.

As seen in a behind the scenes video, both groups were able to meet after the show. I.O.I appears after about a minute into the video below.

Hopefully we will be able to see more interactions between the two groups in the future!

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