Crush Reveals Where He Goes To Get A Sense Of His Own Popularity

2016-05-06 15:34:30 2016-05-06 15:34:30

Singer Crush recently made an appearance on the May 6 episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” where he gave a brief interview and performed “In The Air” and “Sometimes.”

During the interview, Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “Do you feel your own popularity?”

Crush answered, “For a while I couldn’t get a sense of it. But now when I go to hip-hop clubs, my songs are played often.”

He added, “I’m not bragging, but people recognize me and come up to me. There’s a hat that I wear all the time and I wear it to clubs too. To be honest, I’m wearing it so that they can recognize me.”

He revealed more of his endearing honesty by saying, “When they ask me if I’m Crush, I say that I am. But I can’t look like I’m enjoying the attention there. I’m secretly enjoying it but I pretend that I don’t like it. I go to clubs so I can feel my own popularity.”

Watch his performances below!

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