EXO Melts Hearts Off-Camera On “Fantastic Duo”

2016-05-06 16:50:03 2016-05-06 16:50:03

EXO melts the hearts of fans with their fanservice while filming the May 6 episode of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo.”

Producers revealed unaired stills of the boy group and talked about what they were like on and off-camera.

With the theme “Oppas We Love,” the episode featured EXO and singers Jo Sung Mo and Byun Ji Sub. The set was brimming with the singers’s fanclubs, reminiscent of a year-end awards ceremony.


On the show, EXO treated fans to a re-enactment of Jo Sung Mo’s iconic plum juice commercial and a revival of his song “I Swear,” while exhibiting great teamwork with their duet partner known as “Burger Prince.”

The group raised the excitement as they gave their all on each performance and demonstrated their talents. Every member was active in lifting the mood.

Seeing this, MC Jun Hyun Moo remarked, “Now I understand all the fuss over EXO.”

The show’s producers commented, “EXO and Jo Sung Mo shone brightly even off-camera, interacting with their fans by waving and making eye contact.” They added, “There’s a reason why they have so many female fans.”

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