Comedian Lee Guk Joo Shares Personal Hardship and Life Advice At Youth Festival

2016-05-08 23:40:20 2016-05-08 23:40:20

Popular comedian Lee Guk Joo took the stage at the 2016 Youth Festival on May 8. Lee Guk Joo, who is usually known for working any crowd into laughter, gave a heartfelt and candid talk on life and gave her advice to the young audience.

“At my previous broadcasting station, I was a pushover. Only just a year ago, I didn’t know how to say no. I was only focused on trying my best to perform no matter what script or scenario I received. As a result there were many misperceptions about who I really was. This made me really upset.”

Lee Guk Joo went on to explain how she was able to get through her tough time and gave her take on finding true happiness. “To be honest, I was happier when my popularity was decreasing than when my popularity was at its peak. On my off days I was able to go out with my friends to the outskirts of Seoul where we barbecued meat and had drinks in the middle of the day. Being able to do things like that made me genuinely happy. Happiness is simple. You don’t need money or fame to be happy. Knowing that I have a good friend whom I can depend on when I’m having a hard time is a big source of happiness.”

She also encouraged the crowd to think about their own paths. “I think it’s better to work hard in pioneering your own path instead of following in someone else’s footsteps. Having the mind set ‘I’m going to do it because he/she did’ will only make you second best. Live life for yourself at your own standards. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If you let go of your weaknesses and focus on developing your strengths, you will be leading your life your own way.”

The comedian further gave a thankful shout out to fellow colleague Ahn Young Mi. Lee Guk Joo explains that Ahn Young Mi was always a source of comfort to her by always being there to ask what’s wrong, hear out Lee Guk Joo’s concerns, and give her advice.

The 8th annual 2016 Youth Festival took place on May 7 and 8. Targeting South Korean youth, who too often have to give up what they truly love to do, the theme this year focused on encouraging youth to focus on the present and live each day like it’s their last.

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