Ji Sung Dubbed “The Chemistry God” On Set Of “Entertainer”

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Actor Ji Sung is gaining attention for his eye-catching performance on SBS drama “Entertainer.” In the drama, he plays Shin Suk Ho, an entertainment manager who has hits rock bottom after falling from his professional peak.

He interacts with many different characters, and appropriately portrays being caring, charismatic, serious, or humorous depending on the relationship. The actor’s diverse and convincing acting allows viewers to be more deeply immersed in the story line.

The main role Ji Sung plays is a dependable big brother to the band members. However, he shows viewers that his character can easily switch being a ‘sociable best friend,’ or ‘fiery competitor,’ giving the drama depth with both suspense and humor.

Ji Sung

A representative of the drama states, “Ji Sung works well with whoever he is filming with at the moment. He is known to be the chemistry god on set. Even off-camera, Ji Sung is considerate of the other actors and contributes to a bright and warm environment. This has a direct influence on the drama itself as well.”

Watch his impressive acting in the latest episode of episode of “Entertainer” below:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1101248v-entertainer-episode-6

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