Park Bo Gum’s Old Letter To His High School Teacher Surfaces Online

2016-05-09 14:51:55 2016-05-09 14:51:55

An old handwritten letter Actor Park Bo Gum wrote to his high school teacher has surfaced online.

The letter is from seven years ago when the actor was a high school sophomore was posted on an online community by his former teacher on May 8.

The teacher writes, “While the moving company was cleaning up, I found an old letter written on a Hello Kitty memo pad from seven years ago when I was training to be a high school teacher. Bo Gum secretly filled half a sheet on my memo pad, and wrote it on his own, not as a part of a group letter from the class.”

In the picture, the letter is seen written in Park Bo Gum’s clean handwriting.

It reads, “Hello Teach, this is second year class three’s dark horse Park Bo Gum. All of a sudden, one month has already passed. Time sure is fast. I don’t know when you’ll read this, but thank you for the past month, even if it was short. Let’s meet again when we get the chance! Stay healthy and happy! I hope Teach’s dreams will come true. Your classes were fun and I could understand everything well!”

Upon reading the letter, the teacher remarks that it is “just as expected from the icon of kindness.” The teacher continues, “Bo Gum was friendly and charming and thanks to him, I became a lot closer with the students. We took many pictures and talked a lot during that happy month I spent as a high school teacher trainee.”

The teacher also expresses a wish to meet the actor again and writes, “Now that you’re a big star, I haven’t been in contact with you but I want to see you again. I’ll believe through this letter that we’ll meet again.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum stars in upcoming KBS drama “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (tentative title).”

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