TWICE Reveals Who Is 1st In Group Hierarchy For High Cut

2016-05-09 15:34:50 2016-05-09 15:34:50

The TWICE girls talk celebrity life and group hierarchy in their interview with High Cut, and make head turns with their colorful rash guards in a beautiful Jeju Island beach for the photoshoot.

The nine members show off their toned and fit bodies, especially member Tzuyu who sports a cropped rash guard in her solo shot, revealing a perfect body line that needs no airbrushing.


In the interview, the members are asked the difference between their lives as trainees and as a popular girl group.

Leader Jihyo answers, “Nothing has changed other than that we are busier now. Nayeon and I even tease the other members, ‘You guys are like celebrities!’ We don’t feel like celebrities yet.”

Nayeon adds, “It’s fascinating when we meet people in broadcasts who we see as celebrities. Especially Park Jin Young PD.”


When asked who among them is at the top of the group hierarchy, putting age aside, they name Tzuyu. Jungyeon explains, “Tzuyu has a rigid way of talking. She doesn’t mean it, but she learned to speak Korean stiffly so she speaks like an older person.”


TWICE’s interview and photoshoot can be found on volume 173 of High Cut, published on May 5.

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