Update: SEVENTEEN Releases Unique “Letter” Dance Video For “Pretty U”

2016-05-09 10:29:48 2016-05-13 07:29:30

Update May 13 KST:

SEVENTEEN releases yet another dance version of “Pretty U”! This may be the most unique video yet, as the camera is actually placed behind the members, showing a completely different angle of the dance.


SEVENTEEN has released another version of “Pretty U” for their fans!

Since the official music video for the track has no dance choreography, SEVENTEEN had previously released a dance version of “Pretty U” on their official YouTube page. In that version, the boys perform their musical-like choreography in a open-concept loft with the camera at a fixed distance.

The group is in the same loft for the new “Dear Carat” version, but this time the camera zooms in on individual members, who sing directly into the camera. The more personal feeling of the video is why the video is dedicated to their fans, who are called Carat.

Watch the video below:

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