Park Jin Young And Yang Hyun Suk Knew About Min Hyo Rin-Taeyang Relationship Beforehand

2016-05-11 20:31:48 2016-05-11 20:31:48

On the May 11 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” actress Min Hyo Rin opens up on her relationship with BIGBANG member Taeyang. Other guests for this episode included producer Park Jin Young, as well as singers Jo Kwon and G. Soul.

During the show, Min Hyo Rin talks about how her relationship with Taeyang was publicized by the paparazzi. “I was aware that the news would leak the day before it happened. I was surprised. We had been dating for a while. We even broke up once and were dating again when the news broke out .”

Park Jin Young added, “Yang Hyun Suk and I talked over the phone the day before the news went out. We agreed to confirm that the two were in a healthy relationship.”

Min Hyo Rin responded, “I don’t keep any secrets from Park Jin Young. He knew about our relationship from the beginning. Yang Hyun Suk probably knew as well.”

Looks like you can keep a secret safe with JYP and YG, what do you think?

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