I.O.I Late To Music Festival? “We Would Have Sued Them If They Were,” Says Event Organizer

2016-05-12 23:42:45 2016-05-12 23:46:24

I.O.I’s management clarifies that the group was not massively late to a college festival as earlier reports claimed they were.

With popularity comes the negativity and girl group I.O.I is receiving both these days. Recently, they have been the center of controversy as reports of mistreatment of the members by their manager, misprinting of names in the album, and unexpected individual member activities earned the ire of the public.

The negativity train is hard to stop once it starts and reports were quick to claim that I.O.I was late to the college music festival held yesterday, May 12 KST, at Sejong University. According to initial reports, I.O.I was 1.5 hours late to perform at a stage at 10:00 p.m. where they would be followed by Epik High. Because they were late, said the reports, Epik High had to go before them, which is considered disrespectful because the hip-hop group is senior to I.O.I.

Fans claimed, according to the reports that declared that the group was late, I.O.I was late to the festival because they filming for the JTBC variety show “Greatest Love,” but YMC Entertainment, the agency managing the group, refutes this saying, “The event organizer told us to come by 10:30 p.m. I.O.I arrived at the location earlier than that so the event organizer asked us for a photograph event with students and after that, they went on stage.”

The event organizer, 2M, supported YMC, saying, “If I.O.I had actually come 1.5 hours late, we would have sued them. They did not arrive late. There was a delay because of the time necessary to prepare a stage with so many members. Epik High went on first after the the two teams came to an agreement.”

What do you guys think of the all the controversy surrounding I.O.I?

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