Sechs Kies Receives Same Contract As BIGBANG From YG Entertainment

2016-05-12 06:16:44 2016-05-12 06:16:44

As legendary first generation idol group Sechs Kies prepares to make their first comeback in 16 years, it has been revealed that YG Entertainment has given them an exclusive contract based on the same one signed by BIGBANG.

According to a YG Entertainment representative, Sechs Kies received a contract that was prepared based upon the same contract terms as the one that was signed by BIGBANG. It has been nearly ten years since BIGBANG has debuted and they have re-signed with YG three times. Due to this fact, their contract is one that best thinks of the artist and so a similar one was offered to Sechs Kies.

The representative shared, “The Sechs Kies members did not have many different opinions and within an hour, signed the contract. We cannot deny that Lee Jae Jin being the brother-in-law to CEO Yang Hyun Suk had an influence on this.” Yang Hyun Suk is married to Lee Jae Jin’s younger sister.

Continuing, the representative left open the possibility of a complete group reunion, adding, “For Go Ji Yong, CEO Yang Hyun Suk is planning on going to visit him directly soon.”

Are you excited to see what great music will come from YG Entertainment and Sechs Kies?

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