SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Team Up For Karaoke Duet

2016-05-12 23:39:49 2016-05-12 23:39:49

Recently, Mnet has been uploading karaoke videos of various artists on their official YouTube channel.

The latest artists to team up are SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji. SEVENTEEN are currently promoting their comeback, “Pretty U,” while Jung Eun Ji made her solo debut recently with “Hopefully Sky.”

Seungkwan is clearly nervous to be singing a duet with his sunbae and when Eun Ji chooses 4men’s “Live in the Memories” he asks, “Isn’t that a little high?” But he quickly adds, “I will try hard.”

Eun Ji, trying to put him at ease, compliments SEVENTEEN’s popularity and invites the other SEVENTEEN members into the karaoke booth to cheer them on.

Seungkwan and Eun Ji trade off parts at first, showing off their stable high notes and powerful vocals, and near the end they even make beautiful harmony together.

Watch the video below!

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