Solji Reveals Hardships As A Singer Before Joining EXID

2016-05-12 22:33:02 2016-05-12 22:38:05

On JTBC’s “Old House New House” EXID member Solji reveals her past hardships as a singer before joining EXID.

Solji states, “Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a singer. After debuting in 2006, I sang like a machine for a group called 2NB. When 2NB’s contract was about to end, I was in a crisis. I was getting older, but I wasn’t making any money, so I considered ending my singing career. For a period of 5-6 years, I was only able to make a total of 600,000 won (approximately $512).”

“Our boss racked up a lot of debt, and I felt sorry to my mother.” Solji further confesses that she even “studied to get a license as a Origin Specialist, which was a promising field at the time due to the signing of the FTA. In the end, I became a vocal trainer instead of continuing as a singer.”

“I was lucky to debut again as a part of EXID, but our first album did poorly. I often wondered if it was my fault.”

When EXID debuted the members lived together in a big apartment in Cheongdam-dong, considered to be a posh neighborhood in Seoul, but when their first album did not do well they had to move into a smaller apartment. However, after their song “UP&DOWN” became a huge hit, each member was able to live independently in apartments of their own.

During this episode, Solji shows viewers her two-story (loft) one room apartment that she is living in currently.


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