Super Junior’s Heechul Reveals His Girl Group Obsession And Jinx 

2016-05-12 19:48:57 2016-05-12 19:56:57

Super Junior member Kim Heechul admits on MBC’s “The Gifted” that he is a girl group maniac. This episode features guests Song Eun Hee, Eun Ji Won, Defconn, JeA, and Heechul.

Heechul shares, “Girl groups these days are really cute. There is a rumor going around. Whenever I say a particular girl group member is cute, their group starts to gain a lot of popularity and attention.”

When asked for examples, he responds, “So Hee from Wonder Girls, AOA, and TWICE.”

MC Kim Sung Joo asks, “Who did you say you like from TWICE?” Heechul responds that he likes TWICE’s Momo.

Do you think his jinx is true? Watch Heechul get quizzed on girl group members from this week’s episode below.

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