TOP Media Responds To Reports About Teen Top’s Niel Vacationing With Girlfriend

2016-05-12 23:29:00 2016-05-13 01:58:02

Various Teen Top fans reported seeing Niel and his non-celebrity girlfriend on an overseas vacation on May 9. News about the sighting quickly spread through online community sites and SNS.

In the said photo you can see one female and three males at an airport. Fans deduced that the female is Niel’s girlfriend while fellow group member Chunji and a non-celebrity male friend was also with them. Suspicions arose about the female being the same person who was previously thought to be Niel’s girlfriend last year.

A representative from TOP Media explained, “It is true that Niel went on vacation with three other people on the 9th, but he just went with friends.”

Teen Top made their last comeback in January with their album “Red Point.” Since then members have been participating in musicals, dramas, and various other individual projects.

What are your thoughts on these new reports?

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