Watch: BTS Thanks Fans For 1st Win For “Fire” In Behind-The-Scenes Video From “M!Countdown”

2016-05-12 09:26:40 2016-05-12 09:26:40

BTS is celebrating their first place win for “Fire” on this week’s “M!Countdown” by gifting fans with a glimpse at what went on behind the scenes at the show.

Jungkook was unable to participate fully in the show today due to illness, and the video released on May 13 shows him watching footage of the group’s pre-recording sadly with Jimin. “It’s such a shame,” he says. “I’ll really put my all into the rest of the performances, now that I’ve rested for a day.”

It also includes footage of all seven members performing their intense choreography on stage, and then receiving their trophy together. The guys then are captured coming off stage, as J-Hope expresses his love to the trophy by kissing it and then saying to it, “I missed you! Where have you been?”

The members then each thank their fans for supporting them and helping them win first place again. Jin says he feels like he’s got goosebumps and gives fans some cute aegyo, and J-Hope promises, “Although we’ll be finishing our promotions in three days, the ‘fire’ will keep going on, thanks to you.”

Jimin says that of course they’ll be working hard, but he vows that in addition to that, they’ll show fans performances over the next few days that will seem new even though they’ll be the same choreography.

Jungkook assures fans that he’s doing okay again, and acknowledges that they must have been very worried about him. “We got first as soon as we came back,” he adds. “I’m really touched.”

Get ready to chant along with the fans in the video below!