Boyfriend Joins Instagram, Releases Teasers For New Fan Song

2016-05-13 10:24:07 2016-05-13 10:48:58

Boyfriend joins Instagram and releases a slew of image teasers ahead of the release of a their fan song.

On their newborn official group account, Boyfriend has posted poetic image teasers featuring handwritten phrases like, “I will be with you,” “The road we walk together,” and “I can never forget our first anniversary.”




The new release commemorates Boyfriend’s fifth debut anniversary and is a gift expressing gratitude to the boy group’s fans who have supported them through the years.


Meanwhile, Boyfriend is holding their fifth debut anniversary fan meeting on May 21 at Sungshin Women’s University. They will release the fan song shortly after on May 26.

Congratulations to Boyfriend and their fans on the group’s fifth anniversary!



Thanks to @Bea for the tip!

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