Netizens Reveal Current Status Of Comedian Who Previously Lost 70 Kilograms

2016-05-13 19:16:41 2016-05-13 19:16:41
Kim Soo Young

Recently netizens have been discussing the current status of comedian, Kim Soo Young, who starred on “Gag Concert – Last Health Boy” and famously lost 70 kilograms (approximately 155 pounds) through the show.

Netizens expressed shock when a user who encountered the comedian in a park uploaded a picture of him on a bicycle, showing that he has regained a significant amount of the weight. Another netizen who met Kim Soo Young sadly revealed that he had told her that he gained 40 kilograms (approximately 88 pounds) of the weight back.

Despite netizens’ surprise, which was also revealed when the comedian was photographed at a baseball game in Busan, Kim Soo Young admitted after the show that he was experiencing a slight yo-yo effect with his weight.

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