Ryan Higa’s K-Pop Group BgA (Boys Generally Asian) Debuts With Wong Fu-Produced MV

2016-05-13 13:40:21 2016-05-13 19:00:32

Wong Fu Productions couldn’t have put it better. Boy band BgA (Boys generally Asian) is the K-Pop group you never knew you needed.

Self-described as “The result of five guys who can’t sing, dance or really speak Korean and try to start a K-Pop band,” BgA is looking to make a splash (pun intended…) with “Dong Saya Dae” (translated as “I Have to Sh*t”).

Produced by Wong Fu Productions with music written by Ryan Higa and David Choi, “Dong Saya Dae” cleverly riffs on many common tropes found in K-Pop boy band music videos.

But before you watch the video, get acquainted with the BgA member profiles! They have quite the resume. A few highlights: Justin Chon (J-Lite) has already been banned from variety shows, David Choi (Daeyang) is a rejected girl group member, and Ryan Higa (R.O.P) was discovered at Chipotle.






Check out the hilarious music video and official behind-the-scenes footage below.

So… who’s your bias? (: