Tiffany Talks About Her Shortest Solo Part In A Girls’ Generation Song

2016-05-13 09:32:59 2016-06-29 04:10:53

Tiffany has revealed which Girls’ Generation song features her shortest solo part.

On the May 13 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” the members start preparing for their transformation into a girl group and receive a track from Park Jin Young.

While practicing, Kim Sook asks Tiffany, “Girls’ Generation had nine members, right? How many seconds is your shortest line?”

Referring to their debut song, Tiffany responds, “Probably ten seconds?” Only ten seconds of her solo lines are featured in “Into the New World.”

“I sang that song for two and a half years. I practiced the entire song for two and a half years, and my lines changed multiple times,” she surprises everyone as she explains about the intense preparation for their debut.


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