Watch: Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar Pick A Cute Couple Name

2016-05-14 08:48:16 2016-05-14 09:54:50

Singer Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar dub themselves the “Ddong couple” on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On the May 14 episode of the show, Eric Nam and Solar continue their journey as a virtual couple.

Solar tells Eric, “I thought about what our couple name should be. Your real name is Yoon Do and my name is Solar, so we can be the ‘Scale couple’,” as she sings the notes for “do”, “sol,” and “la” from the music scale.

She continues with her second idea, “There is also a nickname I gave myself. It’s Yong Ddong. Since you’re Yoon Do, yours would be Yoon Ddong.” Eric says, “So that makes us the ‘Ddong couple!’”

solar eric nam

The couple crack up because “ddong” is the word for feces in Korean, but Solar clarifies, “It’s not that kind of ‘ddong,’ but the ‘ddong’ that elders say when they find something cute.”

Eric Nam and Solar decide to name themselves the “Ddong couple,” and continue their sweet date during the episode.

Watch them pick their couple name below!

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