The Three New Babies On “The Return Of Superman” Are Out To Steal Your Heart

2016-05-14 13:39:28 2016-05-14 13:39:55

In the upcoming May 15 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Yang Dong Geun, Oh Ji Ho, and In Gyo Jin bring their babies together for the first time.

The three men, who all have baby daughters born in 2015, gather at Oh Ji Ho’s house for the first three-way filming. Each father gave hints of their unique parenting style when packing for the trip.

Yang Dong Geun only packed the absolute necessities, saying, “Packing should be light,” while the clueless In Gyo Jin needed his wife’s help for everything. Oh Ji Ho didn’t have to pack but he started sweating, clearly nervous for the 48 hours ahead.

In Gyo Jin is flustered when he arrives at Oh Ji Ho’s house because the actor is his sunbae. But Oh Ji Ho is more interested in In Gyo Jin’s daughter, Ha Eun, saying, “She looks exactly like So Yi Hyun [her mother].”

The episode will be broadcast on May 15 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the last episode below!

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