Indonesian President Joko Widodo Reveals He’s Seen Super Junior In Concert Twice

2016-05-16 18:04:32 2016-05-16 18:43:22

In the days leading up to the Asian Leadership Conference, Indonesian president Joko Widodo has stated not only that he wants his country to work with Korea, but that he’s also a fan of K-pop!

On May 9, the Indonesian president met with a group of reporters in Jakarta, outlining his hopes for his country’s future. During the interview, Joko Widodo stated, “Indonesia will be making great innovations, so I ask that people invest a lot [in such innovations]. In particular, I’d like to cooperate with Korea in the economic sector.”

One reporter later mentioned, “I heard your daughter is a fan of K-pop,” to which the president replied, “It’s true. I also enjoy K-pop. I’ve seen Super Junior in concert twice with my daughter. Thanks to her, I know Super Junior’s songs.” He laughed and added, “Many people in Indonesia enjoy Hallyu, as it’s very similar to the sentiment of the East.”

It seems that K-pop fans can be found even in the most unlikely people!

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