Kim Min Suk And Jin Goo Prove Their Bromance Is Alive And Well

2016-05-16 08:36:46 2016-05-16 08:36:46

“Descendants of the Sun” stars Kim Min Suk and Jin Goo keep fans updated on their heartwarming bromance!

On May 16, Kim Min Suk shared a photo taken with his former co-star on his Instagram. He wrote as the caption, “Reunion of the parent and baby bird! Our parent bird Goo has become a world star and given me a bag as a gift. Thank you. Sergeant Seo!”

In the evening snapshot, the handsome actors pose for the camera with gentle smiles and their arms casually wrapped around each other. Jin Goo is seen holding a black studded backpack, which seems to be the present to Kim Min Suk.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Suk previously revealed what it was like to work with Jin Goo and Song Joong Ki on the hit drama series and praised Jin Goo for his caring and honest character.