Jessica Talks About Overlapping Promotions With Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

2016-05-17 01:03:01 2016-05-17 01:03:01

Jessica is currently promoting her first solo mini-album “With Love, J.” Her solo debut coincidentally coincides with Girls’ Generation member Tiffany’s solo debut. All eyes have been on the pair considering they used to be fellow members of the same group.

Jessica opens up about her feelings regarding overlapping promotions with Tiffany and says, “When I first heard that news [of Tiffany’s May solo debut], I thought it was a huge coincidence. I even though, ‘Why is this happening?’ However, I thought maybe it could be actually good.”

She continues, “I was curious about what kind of image this friend would come out with. After looking, it was really cool. I think it will be fun for people to see different music and different visuals from us.”

In regards to feeling competition, she comments, “I hope [Tiffany] promotes wonderfully and well. I don’t normally get attached to results, but wouldn’t it be good to do well?”

Previously, Tiffany also said she hopes Jessica does well.

What are your thoughts on their overlapping promotions?

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