Actor Kim Min Suk Shares What It’s Like Having The Same Name As EXO’s Xiumin

2016-05-18 19:20:34 2016-05-18 19:20:34

Actor Kim Min Suk expresses his worries about sharing the same name with EXO’s Xiumin, whose real name is also Kim Min Suk.

On the May 18 “Unlucky Bromance Special” of MBC’s “Radio Star,” the actor appears as a guest along with Hwang Chi Yeol, Lee Hyun Jae, and Parc Jae Jung.

He states, “Xiumin is acting too, so if you looked up ‘actor Kim Min Suk,’ it’s him you’d find.”

He then shares, “My agency boss went to a naming center and got the name Kim Hwan Sung,” which is also the name of a boy group member, from first generation idol group NRG. Unfortunately, Kim Hwan Sung passed away in June 2000.

kim min suk

Fortunately, things worked out for the actor. He says, “After ‘Descendants of the Sun’ aired, it doesn’t stress me out anymore.”

During the episode, Kim Min Suk also shows his singing ability with a cover of Ha Dong Kyun’s “Please Love Her.” You can watch a brief clip of it below.

“Radio Star” airs every Wednesday at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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