miss A’s Suzy’s Identity Stolen By Criminals In India

2016-05-18 21:53:09 2016-05-18 21:53:09

It has been reported that miss A member Suzy’s personal information has been stolen by a criminal organization in India.

According to media reports in India on May 18, among the evidence confiscated in an arrest of a group of suspected criminals, the Indian police found a bank account passbook that had Suzy’s photo in it. The woman who illicitly used Suzy’s picture to create a bank account stated that she downloaded the photo from the Internet.

Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, stated on May 19 “We believe this happened because Suzy is a well known celebrity and her picture can be easily found on the Internet. Since this incident happened in India, we are still trying to find out the details.”

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