MONSTA X Talks About Their Relationship With SEVENTEEN And iKON

2016-05-18 02:26:57 2016-05-18 02:26:57

On May 18, MONSTA X held their comeback showcase at Yes24 Live Hall.

During their showcase the group performed their latest song “All In” and answered questions from reporters.

One such question asked the group how they felt about competition regarding fellow rookie groups such as SEVENTEEN and iKON.

They answered, “We don’t feel like we’re competing with SEVENTEEN and iKON. When we meet we greet each other happily and take care of each other. We talk often and play in waiting rooms. We are close and get along well.”

Wonho further commented, “We felt camaraderie when we went on the same program with iKON in China. I would like for all of us to do well and become candidates for first place.”

MONSTA X will be holding their debut stages for “All In” on various music shows this week and promote their new album.

Isn’t it the best when your favorite groups are friends with each other?

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