Eric Nam Changes His Good Boy Image To Sexy For MAXIM Femme

2016-05-19 19:44:34 2016-05-19 19:44:34

Male fashion magazine, MAXIM, recently revealed the cover of their June edition through their Facebook and homepage. To the delight of many, a sultry faced Eric Nam graced the magazine’s limited MAXIM Femme edition, a limited edition of the magazine published for female readers. The magazine jokingly recommends, “Our female readers should place Eric Nam in their homes.”

Eric Nam who has been stealing the hearts of women of all ages with his cute image, good manners, and pleasant attitude, successfully completed his first cover photo shoot for MAXIM. The strong red color scheme of his suit and background further catches the attention of readers.

The editor in charge of the pictorial comments, “We wanted to deviate from Eric Nam’s usual ‘little brother’ image. Just as red roses are in full bloom in June, we wanted to express a romantic and sexy mood for this photo shoot.”

Eric Nam gives his thoughts on his own dating style. “When I go out to meet someone I’m interested in, I am unable to speak because I get anxious and nervous. When I really like someone, I just don’t know what to do.”

A representative of MAXIM states, “After featuring Jamie Bell and celebrity chef Choi Hyun Suk, this Eric Nam edition is the third limited ‘MAXIM Femme’ we are publishing for our female readers. We are surprised that we are already receiving many inquiries on purchasing this edition before its actual release.”

This limited edition will also include a poster of Eric Nam inside, and will be available for purchase nationwide through on and offline book stores and the MAXIM homepage.

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