AOA’s Seolhyun Removed From Visit Korea Committee Official Site And Social Media

2016-05-22 21:51:45 2016-05-22 21:55:18

Despite the previous announcement that AOA’s Seolhyun would not be removed as a tourism ambassador, the idol’s image has been removed from the Visit Korea Committee website as of May 22.

Seolhyun was initially appointed as a tourism ambassador alongside actor Lee Min Ho for the “2016~2018 Years of Korea Tourism.” However, Seolhyun and her fellow AOA member Jimin recently came under fire for being unable to recognize an important historical figure on their show “Channel AOA.” The gaffe has drawn much criticism from netizens, especially regarding Seolhyun’s ambassador position, saying, “It makes no sense that she’s in charge of teaching other’s about Korea when she doesn’t know Korean history.”

It appears that Seolhyun’s image has been erased from both the official homepage and all social media accounts due to the controversy. However, a representative from the Visit Korea Committee stated, “We have no plans to replace her as a tourism ambassador.” The representative added, “Seolhyun was appointed as a tourism ambassador based on her contributions of her talents. The images being deleted has nothing to do with a replacement.”

What are your thoughts on the removal of her pictures?

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