Lee Min Ho And Tiffany Tang Up The Chemistry In New “Bounty Hunters” Stills

2016-05-23 10:41:40 2016-05-23 10:41:40

On May 23, upcoming film “Bounty Hunters” released new still cuts via its official Weibo.

“The lead actors who love each other through hardship. But the rule of life is that things are always changing. Will they be able to stay together this happily?”

In the still cut, Lee Min Ho, who has a cut on cheek, can be seen leaning in to co-star Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan).

A joint Korean-Chinese financed film, “Bounty Hunters” will be directed by Shin Tae Ra of “7th Grade Civil Servant” and produced by renowned Hong Kong producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming. The film will premiere on July 1 in China.

Bounty Hunters Lee Min Ho2

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