Minguk Transforms Into A Stylish “Englishman” While Reading

2016-05-28 00:24:00 2016-05-28 01:36:52

On May 27, Song Il Gook uploaded a hilariously cute video of one of his sons, Minguk.

In the video, Minguk stares at a book in his lap with a serious expression on his face, while donning a pair of stylish sunglasses.

A video posted by @songilkook on

While the dark tint of the sunglasses is probably inhibiting his sight, he seems to be concentrating regardless, as if he doesn’t want to miss anything. At one point, he uses a camera to “document” what he doesn’t want to forget.

His father adds a caption, revealing, “Englishman in songdo. (How does Minguk know to act like that, when he doesn’t even know the Korean alphabet?)”

Looks like Minguk may just be showing off for the camera instead!

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