S.E.S Members Reunite For A Good Cause

2016-05-28 08:29:18 2016-05-28 08:29:18

On May 28, S.E.S members Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited for the sake of charity.

The first-generation girl group members got together at the Green Heart Bazaar, a charity sale where the proceeds are donated to children-in-need. The women happily spent the day selling their own collection and donated products for the good cause.

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It is meaningful as it has been a long time since the three reunited for a public event, but more meaningful is the fact that they have come together to fulfil such a good deed. They show fans that their beauty is not merely skin-deep, setting a good example for all.

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Proceeds from the Green Heart Bazaar will go to UNICEF and the Green Umbrella ChildFund.

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