BTS Announces Plans For 2016 Anniversary Festa Jam-Packed With Gifts For Fans

2016-05-30 06:15:02 2016-05-30 06:15:02

BTS’s third debut anniversary is coming up in only a couple weeks, and the group has now announced that they’ll be celebrating with ARMY again this year with another “BTS Festa”!

On May 30, the group released a poster for their “2016 BTS Festa,” which features almost a full two weeks of special gifts for fans every day through various different platforms.

It’s all going to begin with an “Opening Ceremony” via a blog on June 1, with a special choreography performance the next day on YouTube and Naver’s V app, the release of a photo album on June 3 via Facebook, and the group’s third anniversary “family photo” on June 4.

There will be another special choreography performance on June 5, and the the release of a special collection of the group’s famous “Bangtan Bomb” clips on YouTube the following day.

The guys will be sharing their new self-written profiles of themselves on June 8, and then the group’s version of each other’s profiles on June 9. On June 10, we can look forward to something called “Behind the Scene: Army Zip Shooting.”

Fans are naturally also excited for June 11’s live broadcast over V app of member Jin’s famous meokbangs entitled “Eat Jin Live”! We’ll then get a BTS radio show on June 12, and lastly the whole celebration will end with a “Happy BTS Day Party 2016” on their anniversary of June 13, in addition to a blog entitled “Young Forever (0613 ver.).”

2016 bts festa

As the group’s agency recently promised that they were filming special content for fans while they traveled together in northern Europe, many fans are wondering whether we’ll get to see some of it as part of this anniversary festival.

Which day of the “2016 BTS Festa” are you the most excited for?