DIA Pulls Out Of 2016 Dream Concert Line-Up, Jung Chaeyeon To Perform With I.O.I

2016-05-31 20:10:24 2016-05-31 20:20:33

It’s been decided that Jung Chaeyeon will be participating in the 2016 Dream Concert as a member of I.O.I and not DIA.

Representatives of SBS and the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association reported on June 1 that DIA would not be attending the concert. While it was initially planned that Jung Chaeyeon would participate in the Dream Concert as both a member of DIA and I.O.I, DIA’s agency MBK Entertainment revealed that they pulled the group out of the concert for Jung Chaeyeon’s sake.

A representative from MBK Entertainment told OSEN, “We decided that DIA will not be participating in the Dream Concert. Since participating with both groups would be difficult for her, we sat down with her and the DIA members and came to this decision.”

The Dream Concert will mark I.O.I’s last promotion as a full group before they move on to unit promotions, so MBK came to this decision to let Jung Chaeyeon focus on that performance. The MBK representative continued, “DIA will be making a comeback in June, and of course Jung Chaeyeon will be participating.”

Jung Chayeon faced controversy earlier this month following the news that she had officially rejoined as a member of DIA. The news left many wondering how she’d manage being an active member of two groups at the same time.

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