Noh Hong Chul Talks About Starting A Hip Hop Club With Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko During College

2016-06-05 10:36:09 2016-06-05 10:36:09

On June 5, Noh Hong Chul welcomed director Jang Hang Jun, and TV personality and manhwa artist Kim Poong to his radio show MBC FM4U “Good Morning FM This is Noh Hong Chul.”

On this broadcast, Kim Poong comments, “Rapper Gaeko and I were close friends during college. Gaeko made a hip hop club back then.”

Noh Hong Chul responds by sharing, “Gaeko was my junior by one year during elementary, middle, and high school. We also went to the same college. Although joining a club is good, we decided to make a club. I was the president and Gaeko was the vice president.”

Kim Poong adds, “I was a hip hop maniac, but when Gaeko said he was going to make a club, I laughed at him because I did not acknowledge his talent. But he really came out with an album later on.” Noh Hong Chul responds, “That’s ridiculous talk.” and adds, “The club still exists today.”

During this broadcast Kim Poong comments, “Noh Hong Chul was really loud during our school years.” Noh Hong Chul confesses, “My rapping skills were lacking so I hosted a lot.”

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