f(x)’s Luna Reveals She Has Asked A Fellow Celebrity Out Before

2016-06-06 09:34:45 2016-06-06 09:34:45

On the June 6 broadcast of SBS’s LoveFM “Unni’s Radio” show, f(x)’s Luna came on as a guest to celebrate her recent solo debut.

During the program, Luna is asked, “Have you ever asked a fellow celebrity out before?”

To this, Luna says, “Yes,” surprising everyone with her honesty. She continues with a laugh, “This is the first time I’m being asked that question.”

luan radio2

Luna explains, “I have a very outgoing personality.”

DJs Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook ask, “Did it go well?”

Luna answers, “No, it didn’t. It’s because I didn’t ask him to go out with me straightforwardly, and I knew it will be hard for us to meet since we’re both celebrities. I just let us remain friends. This is why I’m careful when it comes to dating. I start a serious relationship once I start seeing someone.”

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