Watch: MONSTA X Goes All In At The Idol Arcade

2016-06-06 15:45:05 2016-06-06 15:45:05

On the most recent installment of music channel 1theK’s “Idol Arcade,” boy group MONSTA X hits the hoops.

The members of MONSTA X group themselves into pairs and take turns showcasing their shooting chops (or lack thereof).

Minhyuk (55 points) and Joohyeon (38 points) get first place with a total of 93 points. Hyungwon (39 points) and I.M (34 points) come in second with 73 points, and Shownu (25 points) and Wonho (27 points) come in dead last with 52 points.

Kihyun is the odd man out and shoots solo. Because he used to play in a basketball team, the members agree that Kihyun will take on the punishment if he shoots less than 50 points. He ends up with 26 points.

At the end of the video, fans are put on notice that if the Facebook post of the video gets over 1,000 likes, an additional video clip of Kihyun doing his punishment will be released. As of time of publishing, the post has received more than four times the number of likes required for the video to be released.

Fans can look forward to the penalty video drop tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can catch MONSTA X’s shoot off below. English subs for the video are available if you click cc.