9MUSES Reveals Future Plans For Group After Departure Of Members

2016-06-08 02:00:36 2016-06-08 02:00:36

Star Empire revealed earlier today that 9MUSES’s Euaerin and Minha have graduated from the group.

The agency clarified concerns about the future of the group and revealed, “Currently we have no plans to add new members to 9MUSES.”

9MUSES debuted in August 2010 with their single album “Let’s Have a Party.” Within two months of promoting, member Jaekyung left and Hyuna joined as a new member. In August 2011 members Rana and Bini left the group. Following this, Kyungri joined the group in January 2012 and the group promoted with eight members.

The group had nine members once again when Sungah joined 9MUSES in January 2013. A year later, Lee Sem and Eunji left the group. A few months later Sera left in May 2014. Then Sojin and Keumjo joined the group in 2015. Now that Euaerin and Minha have left, 9MUSES currently has six members.

Star Empire added, “9MUSES is currently busy working on a new song that will be released in July. The members are preparing for unit group promotions and specific details concerning it will be decided soon.”

Do you think new members should join 9MUSES?

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