MAMAMOO’s Fans Help Out Fellow Fan With Hearing Impairment

2016-06-10 23:47:31 2016-06-11 00:42:37

MAMAMOO’s fans, called Moomoos, recently banded together to help their fellow fan.

On June 8, the fan posted on a MAMAMOO fan board, stating that they were in their twenties and a fan of MAMAMOO.

“Hello,” they wrote. “I am hearing impaired. Lately subtitles are coming out on broadcasts so I can enjoy them. My one regret are the MAMAMOO videos on the V app. Without the subtitles, I cannot understand the content of what they’re saying.”


Fans replied to the post, saying, “Name a video you want and we’ll make subtitles for you.” Not long afterwards, a video was uploaded with accurate subtitles and a note on which member was speaking each line.

The hearing-impaired fan, known simply as “A,” wrote a thank-you post in reply. “Everyone must be so busy but they took the time out to do this. I teared up while watching it. Thank you so much.”

Since then, the fans have been uploading subtitled videos for “A” on a regular basis, and “A” has been writing a thank you message every time.

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