Fan Of Kim Min Jong Fined For Attempting To Break Into His House

2016-06-12 19:32:59 2016-06-12 19:32:59

A female fan has been fined for sneaking into actor Kim Min Jong’s apartment building in order to meet him.

The Seoul Central District Court of Appeals (with Kim Seong Dae as the presiding judge) ruled on June 12 that 37-year-old “A” would be fined 500,000 won (about $425).

She was already fined the same amount in an earlier trial for arguing with and assaulting the owner of the place she lived. In this second trial, she was acquitted of those charges.

The court stated, “‘A’ deliberately sought out Mr. Kim’s house and disturbed the peace of the neighbors of the apartments.”

About the assault case, they said, “The owner ‘B’ had stated they did not think A tripped them on purpose. In the evidence, it appears that A simply ignored B’s protests and attempted to stop them from leaving the room and B ended up falling down.”

Last September, A reached the hallway outside Kim Min Jong’s apartment and pressed the buzzer multiple times and banged on the door. The actor’s neighbors called the police on her as the incident occurred a little past midnight.

In February, A was accused of arguing with B over noise and heat issues and blocking B when they attempted to leave the room.

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