Yoo Seung Ho Transforms Into A Fair Maiden In New “Kim Sun Dal” Stills

2016-06-12 21:05:11 2016-06-12 21:05:11

From a king to a beautiful maiden, Yoo Seung Ho shows he can pull any transformation off.

On June 13, CJ Entertainment released new stills of the actor from the upcoming movie “Kim Sun Dal.”

Playing a genius conman who turns the eight provinces of Joseon on its head with his acts, Yoo Seung Ho’s sly expressions heightens the curiosity surrounding how his character will pull off various instances of fraud.

In one photo he is in the midst of selling a chicken as a phoenix for double the price, and in another he pretends to be a monk to sell the Cheomseongdae Observatory for 10 thousand nyang (old Korean currency). He is joined by Bo Won (played by Go Chang Suk), who is a master of disguise.

Yoo Seung Ho 3 Yoo Seung Ho 2

In yet another transformation, Yoo Seung Ho dresses as a king in order to hijack the gold bars from the palace, with a heavy yet dignified expression on his face. In the last revealed photo, he even dresses as a beautiful maiden, willing to go to any length for his cons.

“Kim Sun Dal” is a historical movie that tells the tale of legendary conman Kim Sun Dal and how he even fooled the king in order to sell the ownerless Taedong River. Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Go Chang Suk, Ra Mi Ran, EXO’s Xiumin, and Jo Jae Hyun, it will be released in South Korean theaters on July 6.

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