Dahyun Says She’s The Best Eater In TWICE During Battle With A Pink’s Namjoo On “Girls Who Eat Well”

2016-06-15 10:20:18 2016-06-15 10:20:18

The first live broadcast of JTBC’s eating show “Girls Who Eat Well” on Naver’s V app aired on June 15, and the first ones up were TWICE’s Dahyun and A Pink’s Namjoo.

Dahyun comes out carrying jjajangmyun and sweet and sour pork, while Namjoo arrives carrying chicken feet with soup.

Before the eating competition begins, Dahyun confidently says, “I usually love to eat, and so do the other TWICE members. I’m the best eater in TWICE.”

Girls Who Eat Well2

Namjoo also shows confidence, saying, “I’m hungry right now. I ate dinner but I’m hungry.”

When the contest begins, Dahyun skillfully mixes the noodles and eats it with fervor. Namjoo amazes the audience by eating the chicken feet whole and cleanly spitting out only the bones.

Girls Who Eat Well

Who did you root for in this eating battle?

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