Tablo Gives Update On Haru And Her Thoughts On A Sibling

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On the June 20 broadcast of SBS PowerFM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” Epik High’s Tablo gave an update on his daughter Haru.

He said, “Lately, she’s been wanting to surf, so she’s practicing on a board outside.” He continues, saying that Haru has grown much taller. “She’s always been tall, but once she grows more, she’ll be reaching my eyes eventually.”

Tablo said that he gained everything after marriage and having Haru, and when prompted, clarified that he and Kang Hye Jung have no plans for a second child at the moment.

Regarding Haru’s thoughts on a little sibling, Tablo said, laughing, “Haru wants a unicorn or pet. What she wants isn’t a sibling.”

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Update: The original source for this article from OSEN quoted Tablo as saying that Haru was almost as tall as his eyes, but Tablo corrected OSEN’s article on Twitter, joking, “I’m short, but I’m not that short.” This article has been updated according to Tablo’s clarification.