Ha Hyun Woo Denies He Deliberately Tried To Get Himself Voted Off “King Of Mask Singer”

2016-06-22 19:44:00 2016-06-22 19:44:00

Ha Hyun Woo of the band Gukkasten recently appeared on the June 22 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.” The other guests included Tei, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and Han Dong Geun.

Kim Gura

Kim Gura, who is also on “King of Mask Singer,” asked Ha Hyun Woo, “Did you choose your final song deliberately to try and get yourself voted off?”

Ha Hyun Woo denies the implication, saying, “There were rumors about that but I just wanted to try various different styles of music.”

Ha Hyun Woo was Our Neighborhood Music General on the show and took nine wins in a row before losing after his performance of 015B’s “Lovers For a Very Long Time.”

“I was always planning to do that song someday,” he said. “I was proud of my performance. When you put a whistle into the song, the effect was so beautiful. When I was singing it, I had a lot of fun.”

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