Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Park Shin Hye And Kim Rae Won On “Doctors” Revealed

2016-06-24 22:50:43 2016-06-24 22:50:43

Even behind the scenes, Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won’s chemistry is evident.

On June 25, SBS’s “Doctors” revealed behind-the-scenes photos of the lead characters taken during the filming of their famous bicycle riding scene.

Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won 1 Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won 2

“Doctors” first aired on June 20 and has enjoyed an explosive response. The first two episodes have received great ratings and it appears as though they will only rise.

The drama centers on Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won who have a student-teacher relationship. Park Shin Hye’s character becomes inspired by her teacher and wants to become a doctor. She gains help from her smart classmate and friend Lee Sung Kyung, only to surpass her on a math exam. The dynamics between characters are changing as the plot thickens.

Check out the first episode of “Doctors” below!

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