Park Yoochun, First Accuser, And Two Others Placed On Travel Ban + Seize And Search Warrants Issued

2016-06-24 07:11:43 2016-06-24 14:39:09

The police have placed a travel ban on several of the main parties involved in Park Yoochun’s case, and seize and search warrants have been issued for four business establishments.

On June 24, the Seoul Gangnam Police stated that travel bans have been placed on Park Yoochun, the first individual who brought forth sexual assault allegations, as well as the first individual’s boyfriend and cousin.

They have also received warrants to seize and search four establishments that are tied to this case, and secured the four business locations at 7 p.m. KST. They will concentrate on the items they confiscated, which include ledgers of transactions, in order to investigate the truth behind the sexual abuse allegations.

The police are also looking into any other outside parties that may be involved in this case.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun’s representatives have filed a counter suit against the first individual, for false accusations and blackmail, and, as of June 21, have requested for detailed information regarding the accusations against the singer, as well as the other remaining three individuals themselves.

Both Park Yoochun and the first individual have provided recordings that claim the other side offered settlements as evidence.

So far, the father of C-JeS Entertainment’s president has also been questioned, and other related individuals are currently undergoing questioning as well. The police plan on bringing in the accusers one by one shortly. After investigating these four individuals, Park Yoochun will also be called in for questioning.

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