Kang Ji Young Talks About The Hardships Of Working In Japan

2016-06-25 20:35:10 2016-06-25 20:35:10

Kang Ji Young recently sat down for an interview in Japan for her upcoming film “Kataomoi Spiral.” Kang Ji Young has been working in Japan as an actress after leaving the girl group KARA in 2014.

“I decided to come to Japan alone and learn the language,” she said. “Sometimes I would think to myself, ‘Let’s just sleep tonight without reading over the script,’ or ‘Let’s skip class today,’ but I didn’t want to lose to myself. Until then, I’d had a group around me to support me, but I needed to become stronger.”

Last year, Kang Ji Young played a role in the live-action adaptation of the anime “Assassination Classroom.” “I was really happy when I saw articles about me,” she said. “I was glad that people were taking an interest in my work. Instead of asking me questions about KARA, people were asking questions about my acting.”

She ended the interview by sharing some of her future dreams. “I want to play a variety of roles in the future. I would like to do many different projects in both Japan and Korea and become an actress worth acknowledging.”

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