SISTAR Reveals Funny Mistakes They Made While Learning Choreography

2016-06-25 19:21:47 2016-06-25 19:21:47

In a recent interview, SISTAR revealed some funny incidents that happened while preparing for their comeback song, “I Like That.”

“The fabric that we use in the choreography messed us up a lot,” Bora shared. “There were times when we couldn’t get a good grip on it and tripped over it. If we ever release a making film later, there will probably be a lot of funny scenes.”

Dasom added, “At the end there’s a scene where we rip off the skirts and throw them away but Soyou accidentally threw it on top of her head by mistake. Everyone thought she was a ghost.”

“I had no idea what was wrong but everyone started laughing,” Soyou said.

The girls also revealed that they have several variety show appearances lined up for their comeback, including an all-member appearance on “Fantastic Duo.”

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